Surface protection

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surface protection coatings.

interior coating

Coating is applied to the car interior surfaces of carpet, upholstery, leather and plastics

  • Floors including the mats and boot
  • Seats
  • Dash and trims

The invisible layer maintains the look and feel of fabrics. While the hydrophobic properties repel against spills and stains, preventing them from penetrating the surface. A quick clean with a cloth will remove all traces in no time. 

GLASS ceramic coating

The coating is applied to the exterior car glass surfaces, options include;

  • Windscreens
  • Windows
  • External mirrors 
The hydrophobic layer repels against water, bugs and dirt, reducing your cleaning time and minimising wiper use, and wear and tear. Rain literally beads off, while you are driving. The coating also makes removing frost from your windscreen a much quicker and easier task, a dream in the Southern Highlands.

wheel coating

Coating is applied to the wheels, options include;

  • Faces
  • Entire wheel
  • Spare wheel

metal coating

Coating is applied to metal surfaces, ideal for motorbikes and other vehicles that have a lot of metal components.