Paint Correction

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paint correction.

Paint correction is the method of restoring the finish of paint work on a car. 

This is done by removing surface defects and imperfections such as fine scratches, swirl marks, etching and early signs of oxidation, to achieve a rejuvenated paint finish that is full of colour, gloss and reflection. 

Specialised tools, products and techniques are required by an experienced detailer, to ensure a flawless finish is accomplished without the risk of causing further defects or worse, working through the paint thickness. 

Our detailers have years of extensive experience behind them from working in car detailing and car body repair workshops, as well as completing a paint correction course in 2020 to stay up to date on new products.

paint correction process.

  • Thorough car wash.
  • Decontamination.
  • Clay treatment.
  • Rinse and dry .
  • Measure paint thickness.
  • Mask sensitive areas.
  • Stage one – Minor defects.
  • Stage two – Moderate defects.
  • Stage three – Heavy defects.
  • Final clean. 
  • Present car to the owner – our favourite part!